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6 of the Top Coffee Shops in Fredericksburg TX

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November 29, 2023

So, you have your whole trip to Texas Hill Country planned out? Surely, at least one of the days you’re in town, you’ll need a little jumpstart in the morning! With so much to do and see in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area, a comforting cup of coffee is the perfect way to get started on all your adventures. The good news is that Fredericksburg loves coffee, providing plenty of fuel for the expeditions of travelers and locals alike! Here are 6 of the top coffee shops in Fredericksburg TX:

1. Caliche Coffee


The humble beginnings of Caliche Coffee go back to brewing batches of original Ranch Road Roasters in the stake bed of a 1946 Ford truck! Now, owner Daniel Raymer shares this roast and several others with the Fredericksburg community from Caliche Coffee’s location on Main Street. Numerous different roasts and a menu that includes specialties like the Green Chili Chicken & Grit Bowl, sandwiches, burritos, pastries, kolaches and quiches make Caliche Coffee one of the best coffee shops in Fredericksburg TX!

2. Java Ranch

Come on down to Java Ranch for some of the finest hot and iced coffee drinks around! Java Ranch has a bit of everything — from its Hill Country roasted brewed coffee to lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, Americanos and specialty drinks. Don’t forget about the delicious pastries and pies from Java Ranch’s bakery! Kolaches, scones, muffins, breads and cakes are all a delight at this Main Street coffee joint.

3. RockHaus Coffee

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This quaint and cozy coffee shop produces some of the very best coffee and freshly made pastries in town! RockHaus is a Parisian coffee shop with the ambiance and charm to match the deliciousness it pumps out. Located in the heart of downtown on Main Street, enjoy espressos, cappuccinos, Americanos and more while you savor delicious baked goods like croissants, scones, muffins and beyond. Stick around to shop a collection of home decor, antiques, cutlery, baking and cooking tools and more.

4. KaffeeHaus

Get your caffeine fix at KaffeeHaus! This small espresso bar serves pastries made from scratch which includes some German delicacies. Sip on a unique seasonal latte or try any other coffee drink you can think of. KaffeeHaus offers vegan, gluten-free and plant milk options for those with dietary restrictions. There’s even a women’s boutique to browse as you explore this Main Street coffee shop.

5. Sunday Supply

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Sunday Supply is a shop where you can find delicious coffee and homemade pastries made freshly daily! Order from a menu that includes espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, Americanos, chai, hot tea and more. But that’s just the start of what Sunday Supply offers! Grab a picnic to-go to take with you on your adventures for a delicious lunch you can enjoy anywhere. Plenty of local Texas wines, charcuterie boards and unique items can all be found at Sunday Supply.

6. Twisted Sisters Bake Shop

Any list of the top coffee shops in Fredericksburg TX has to include Twisted Sisters Bake Shop! This local favorite has a full-service espresso bar and plenty of unique baked goods you won’t be able to get enough of. In fact, there’s no standard bakery menu as its baked goods change frequently! There’s a hint of German flair in the goods that come out of Twisted Sisters. A friendly and accommodating staff adds to the family atmosphere at this coffee shop.

Start your morning at one of these delicious coffee shops in Fredericksburg TX! Now that you’ve got your morning covered, check out some of the best Fredericksburg TX bars to enjoy a night out!

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