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5 Delicious Restaurants to Enjoy German Food in Fredericksburg

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November 24, 2023

Willkommen in Friedrichsburg! We’re thrilled to welcome you to Fredericksburg, a Texas Hill Country town with deep German roots! Founded in 1846 by a group of German immigrants, a cultural fabric stitched in German traditions remains to this day. The German food in Fredericksburg offers an authentic Deutschland experience full of traditional flavors, making a meal a must the next time you visit. Here are 5 delicious restaurants to enjoy German food in Fredericksburg:

1. Old German Bakery & Restaurant

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Traditional German recipes are used to create savory breakfast and lunch dishes at Old German Bakery & Restaurant! Start your morning off at this family-owned and operated establishment where you can enjoy German pancakes, crepes, waffles, omelets, egg dishes and more. The satisfaction of freshly baked pastries reigns supreme with all sorts of options like strudels, pretzels, croissants, rolls and more. Lunch includes choices like schnitzels, bratwursts and other German specialties on top of traditional American fare.

2. Otto’s German Bistro

Farm-to-table German cuisine at this upscale bistro is served in a lively atmosphere that provides a fun experience for all! Otto’s German Bistro serves up a seasonally focused menu of modern twists on traditional German and Austrian dishes, using ingredients sourced from local farms, ranches and artisans far and wide. German and Austrian wines, craft beers and carefully crafted cocktails add even more to your dinner experience while Sunday brunch is a can’t-miss.

3. The Auslander Restaurant & Biergarten


For more than 2 decades, The Auslander has wowed its crowds with authentic German cuisine featuring specialties from the state of Bavaria! The Auslander translates to “The Foreigner” yet here you’ll feel a part of a German family. Schnitzels, sausages, traditional meatballs and more German dishes are aplenty at this establishment located in the heart of historic Fredericksburg. You’ll have plenty to pick from on a beer menu filled with choices from some of Germany’s best breweries as well as several local favorites.

4. Rathskeller Bistro

Back in Old Germany a rathskeller was the basement of Town Hall (Rathaus) that served as a restaurant or tavern! Today, Rathskeller Bistro serves as Fredericksburg’s only basement bistro. If you’re searching for German food in Fredericksburg, you’ll find plenty of it in a unique atmosphere pumping out traditional flavors for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The authentic classics of sandwiches, sausages, schnitzels and more here are sure to warm your heart and leave you craving more!

5. Der Lindenbaum Restaurant

Linden Tree

A limestone building built by the very German pioneers who made Fredericksburg their home houses Der Lindenbaum! “The Linden Tree” is a symbolic and sacred tree, revered for its ability to give fertility and prosperity, becoming a representation of the homeland for Germans everywhere. Dine on sandwiches, schnitzels, steaks and more home-cooked entrees in this cozy restaurant for German food in Fredericksburg. Don’t forget to try one of the homemade cakes for a true treat at the end of your meal!

You’re in for authentic cuisine from the homeland and an unforgettable experience when you visit these restaurants for German food in Fredericksburg! Before you visit, learn more about the history of Fredericksburg and the role played by German immigrants in founding it!

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